Jamie Kalven
"Chicago Is Not Broke" author Jamie Kalven made the cover of The Chicago Reader's "People Issue." Read the interview here.

We gave eight members of the Chicago City Council's Progressive Caucus copies of "Chicago Is Not Broke" at a budget town meeting at Malcolm X College on November 3, 2016. Here is Tom's testimony (3 minutes): https://soundcloud.com/civiclab/tom-tresser-testimony.

Jamie Kalven offers this analysis of the proposed police oversight reforms being considered in City Council:

he city has in fact made significant progress over the last 10 months. The mayor's task force on police accountability proved independent and exceeded expectations with a report that was searching in its diagnosis and detailed in its prescriptions. Civil society groups—religious, legal, grass-roots—have entered vigorously into the process. And the walls of official secrecy that have long impeded effective police reform have continued to crumble."

public bank for NJPublic bank for New Jersey on the way?
Phil Murphy, a Democratic candidate for Governor of New Jersey for the 2017 election is calling for a public bank for his state!

Chicago is NOT broke!
Read a great interview with Chicago Magazine's Whet Moser.

"Taxpayers hit again under Emanuel as CPS hikes property taxes" says the story in the Chicago Tribune. "As it has done for more than two decades, CPS will boost its regular property tax levy to the maximum amount allowed by law. The district also will collect again on a capital improvement property tax enacted last year to finance borrowing for school infrastructure projects. But the biggest jump will come from a new tax expected to generate $250 million to help cover the district's massive teacher pension obligations. CPS officials say the district's total tax increases would cost the owner of a $250,000 home an extra $245."

PictureJamie Kalven at the Invisible Institute
"Chicago Is Not Broke" contributor Jamie Kalven was profiled in this piece in NewCity from August 1, 2016.

One of Jamie Kalven’s covenants is to always speak up, to always do something when injustice rises up. Whether it’s writing a memoir on his wife’s healing after a violent sexual assault or to reporting on human rights abuses and neglect in the Stateway Gardens public housing project, Kalven refuses to keep quiet. The longtime social justice warrior and his nonprofit journalism outfit, the Invisible Institute, recently led a shakedown of the city and Chicago Police Department and there’s no stop in sight for the group and their collaborators. There’s more."

Democracy In Action Chicago presents:

"Is Chicago Broke?"

The Mayor claims we cannot afford many services without drastic tax increases. But are there other ways to raise revenues that are progressive and not regressive? Come hear Tom Tresser, Dick Simpson, Jackson Potter and Amara Enyia talk about their essays in the book, "Chicago Is Not Broke: Funding the City We Deserve."They will speak about how Chicago got where we are now and viable alternatives to create the city we deserve.

Presentations will be followed by a Q & A session; book signing (price $12); leadership session on how to research relevant topics; and a crowd source research time for interested people. Bring your lap top if you want to do research!

For more information on Democracy In Action Chciago, visit www.democracyinactionchicago.org

Details @ RSVP @ Facebook = http://tinyurl.com/DIAC-Is-Chicago-Broke.

"Attorneys for the State of Illinois are fighting a lawsuit from social service agencies that weren’t paid during the year-long budget impasse, even though they were contracted to do that work.

Nearly 100 social service agencies are suing the State of Illinois for payment in one, big lawsuit currently before Cook County Judge Rodolfo Garcia. Those agencies contracted with the state to provide care for the elderly, victims of sexual assault and people with mental illnesses." Read the story.

But contracts and deals with banks that render them billions in fees  - THOSE are untouchable!