As of Friday, January 20, 2017 Chicago is the loser in a tri-fecta of bad leaders. We have a multi-millionaire mayor. We have a cent-millionaire governor. We have a billionaire president. All of whom care not a whit for social justice and giving us the city we deserve. That's why we need to get the book "Chicago Is Not Broke. Funding the City We Deserve" out there NOW to as many people and organizations as possible. Please help us by purchasing the book and bringing us to YOUR community.



01/23/2017 1:35am

As we know that trump officially the president of the united state of America. If we review the history of the trump, he has the ability to earn the money. He has the business mind and can run the America in this way. Some of the policies of the trump are aggressive and uncomfortable. Let’s see what happen next in near future.

01/26/2017 1:05am

I can't imagine what will happen to our country in the following years. I am still hoping that a miracle would happen. That this is just a nightmare and when I wake up tomorrow, I will realize that we don't have a racist leader. But I think that is impossible, so here I am trying my best to find a way to survive under the leadership of someone who had a terrific ability. By the way, I am proud to say that I do not belong to those idiots who voted for him.

01/23/2017 1:42am

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