A federal grand jury has indicted City of Chicago Alderman WILLIE B. COCHRAN on charges he pocketed money from a charitable fund that was intended to help families and children in his South Side ward.

The 15-count indictment alleges that Cochran used money from the 20th Ward Activities Fund to pay his daughter’s college tuition and to finance his gambling expenses, as well as to purchase items for use in his home. The indictment also charges Cochran with extorting money from a lawyer and a liquor store owner in exchange for Cochran’s aldermanic support.

The indictment was returned Tuesday in federal court in Chicago. It charges Cochran, 64, of Chicago, with eleven counts of wire fraud, two counts of federal program bribery, and two counts of extortion. An arraignment date has not yet been set...The charges in the indictment are punishable by a total maximum sentence of 280 years in prison. Read press release and full indictment: http://tinyurl.com/Federal-indictment-Cochran



12/30/2016 6:54pm

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This is such a terrible news. I don't personally know Mr. Cochran but I feel sorry for Chicago. Corruption is such a vastly increasing problem nowadays. In every nation, every city, there will always be an issue with corruption. I think corruption is the main reason why countries are still in the poor state nowadays.

03/01/2017 7:39am

Yet another... and how many other would be in future? We need to change the strategy in root.


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