Jamie Kalven
"Chicago Is Not Broke" author Jamie Kalven made the cover of The Chicago Reader's "People Issue." Read the interview here.



12/13/2016 5:07am

I also lived in Chicago when I was a student, but I settle here in California when I met my wife. Chicago gave me a wonderful life when I was there. My neighbors there were all good and sometimes giving me food whenever they have an occasion. That's why I always keep updating to their situation. I hope that their lives will not be put into danger.

01/17/2017 5:36am

Chicago for me is one of the best places to live. I've a lot of relatives who are in Chicago right now and they are really amazed with the place. I am planning to go there one day. I wish I can manage actually. Nevertheless, thank you for sharing the interview.

12/26/2016 9:48am

I think it will be good if you supporting video here... :)

02/21/2017 3:16am

03/01/2017 7:39am

This is what I call a real success. My congratulations!


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