PictureJamie Kalven at the Invisible Institute
"Chicago Is Not Broke" contributor Jamie Kalven was profiled in this piece in NewCity from August 1, 2016.

One of Jamie Kalven’s covenants is to always speak up, to always do something when injustice rises up. Whether it’s writing a memoir on his wife’s healing after a violent sexual assault or to reporting on human rights abuses and neglect in the Stateway Gardens public housing project, Kalven refuses to keep quiet. The longtime social justice warrior and his nonprofit journalism outfit, the Invisible Institute, recently led a shakedown of the city and Chicago Police Department and there’s no stop in sight for the group and their collaborators. There’s more."



09/02/2016 4:37pm

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11/09/2016 1:35am

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02/06/2017 2:52pm

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