"Attorneys for the State of Illinois are fighting a lawsuit from social service agencies that weren’t paid during the year-long budget impasse, even though they were contracted to do that work.

Nearly 100 social service agencies are suing the State of Illinois for payment in one, big lawsuit currently before Cook County Judge Rodolfo Garcia. Those agencies contracted with the state to provide care for the elderly, victims of sexual assault and people with mental illnesses." Read the story.

But contracts and deals with banks that render them billions in fees  - THOSE are untouchable!



08/25/2016 5:39am

I really feel ashamed that there are large organizations that resort to this kind of mistreatment. How can they just turn their heads away from misconduct towards their own kind. I cannot really feel apathy towards human beings who disgrace their own kind. Especially those who have been abused and hurt before, they should have understood their pain and gave them some sort of help. They should be sued for their inappropriate doings and be filed for misconduct.

01/13/2017 3:57pm

These social service agencies should pursue that lawsuit. They deserve some payment because they had a contract. Any person under a contract should abide by it. Unless the contract is already expired, everything is revocable. I think the Cook County Judge should listen to this lawsuit. For the benefit of everyone’s concern.



11/09/2016 1:36am

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02/07/2017 12:20am

That story you've shared impressed me so much! Thanks for spreading it here!

02/23/2017 3:08am

Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that.


You shouldn't violate the contract rules. It can cause harm and even prison.

03/19/2017 6:39pm

Sometimes we need to dig deeper on this issue. Great opinion indeed. I may follow this case on the other time. Thank you.


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