Chicago is NOT broke!
Read a great interview with Chicago Magazine's Whet Moser.



09/29/2016 5:35am

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10/02/2016 9:13am

Ok, I will read this interview soon. He is such a great person.

10/17/2016 11:28pm

I am hoping you would keep posting interesting knowledge just like this one.


The number of famous peoples around the world are giving their interviews and presents them self in front of world as role model. And the number of peoples are inspired through their work and trying to follow their rules and regulations for development of their career.

01/06/2017 6:45am

Chicago might be having a financial problem right now, but we all know that it is a strong state and they will overcome the problem they are facing. I think people, especially the Chicagoans should be able to read Tresser's book as it talks about the real issue and know the real status of their state. Aside from that, Tresser has been able to provide information that will be very helpful to them. It will be a nice read for everyone.

01/23/2017 4:19am

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03/01/2017 7:42am

You can say this for almost all the cities. We need a real arguments on how to fix it.


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