At the Sulzer Library
Helping Professionals Dismantling Oppression hosted an event at the Sulzer Regional Library on January 29, 2017 that focused on Illinois's terrible financial situation. "Broke" book author Hilary Denk gave an in-depth review of the need for a progressive income tax for the state. She passed out these helpful materials:

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As of Friday, January 20, 2017 Chicago is the loser in a tri-fecta of bad leaders. We have a multi-millionaire mayor. We have a cent-millionaire governor. We have a billionaire president. All of whom care not a whit for social justice and giving us the city we deserve. That's why we need to get the book "Chicago Is Not Broke. Funding the City We Deserve" out there NOW to as many people and organizations as possible. Please help us by purchasing the book and bringing us to YOUR community.

"Attorneys for the State of Illinois are fighting a lawsuit from social service agencies that weren’t paid during the year-long budget impasse, even though they were contracted to do that work.

Nearly 100 social service agencies are suing the State of Illinois for payment in one, big lawsuit currently before Cook County Judge Rodolfo Garcia. Those agencies contracted with the state to provide care for the elderly, victims of sexual assault and people with mental illnesses." Read the story.

But contracts and deals with banks that render them billions in fees  - THOSE are untouchable!